Eysinga Estate has been owned by the same noble family for centuries. About 60 years ago it was decided to open the estate to the public, allowing visitors to come and enjoy the many recreational opportunities.

How was this beautiful estate created?

In 1722 Johan Vegilin van Claerbergen became the mayor and judge of the community of Doniawerstal, which is now part of the “Fryske Marren” community. He was able to purchase large tracts of land between the villages of Langweer and Sint Nicolaasga.

Mr Vegilin developed the wetlands he had bought by digging ditches so the land could be drained and worked on. Large parts were planted with oak and birch trees. Thanks to his efforts you can still enjoy the age-old trees in the estate’s forest.

Mr Vegilin died in 1773, and his estate of about 400 hectares, including the forest that is named after him, was inherited by his only grandson, baronet Frans van Eysinga. The estate was later named the Eysinga Estate after him. His descendants still own and manage the estate.

The resort

In 1960 the present-day holiday resort was started around a disused farm. The idea was that visitors could use the recreational opportunities that the estate’s beautiful environment has to offer, and the revenues generated made it possible to maintain the estate. Over the following years the resort grew at a steady pace, with a continuous emphasis on quality, quietness and space. The present-day resort also includes Camping Blaauw.