You want to have a complete rest during your holidays ….. as a parent? You want to relax for a while on your lounge chair whilst reading a book or working on your suntan? Or to go to for a drink nearby? The entertainment team at the Eysinga Estate makes sure that your children will have the times of their lives, whilst you can take time for yourself.

Holiday entertainment programs for children

Each summer during the peak season, the Eysinga Estate organizes interesting and fun entertainment programs for children. The Eysinga Estate is the perfect place to do all kinds of excursions to explore the nearby forests. We organize specific activities for the young up to around 14 years old. Of course, all activities are under the supervision of our skilled and enthusiastic entertainment team.

Activities and excursions

Let your children participate in the sport and game activities and make new friends. Activities involve handicrafts, sports like football, or exploring nature to see what life there is in the surrounding forests. There are also excursions at night to spot bats and other wildlife. Our team aims to ensure that your children have a fantastic time at the Eysinga Estate, which they will remember for many years to come.